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About Us

Our History:

Jason Chu founded Voltux International Inc. in 2010 under the name Voltux Company. It started small. Jason spent his spare time selling starters, alternators and their components to rebuilders in the Toronto area. As Voltux Company grew, Jason found himself able to dedicate more of his energy to the company. In 2016, Voltux Company was large enough to stop being a labour of love, and became a career. In 2018 Jason Chu acquired the company’s base of operations, 1600 Industrial Road, Unit B7, in Cambridge, Ontario, and changed the company’s name to Voltux International Inc. To better serve our customers, Voltux moved to the Greater Toronto Area in 2020 at 6409 Netherhart Road, Mississauga, Ontario. In 2022, Voltux moved to the current location 2180 Matheson Blvd East, Unit 2, Mississauga, Ontario.

Who we are:

At Voltux International Inc. we understand the importance of quality parts in rebuilding reliable units. A high-quality engine part can be all that stands between you and an embarrassing and/or dangerous situation. That is why we stake our name on the quality of the parts we sell. We are vigilant when it comes to the quality of our suppliers’ complete units and component parts. Only units and parts which meet our high standards of quality and performance make the cut. With our combined 30 years of experience in the rebuilding industry and our network of reliable contacts in the manufacturing industry we can insure the quality of our products.

Jason Chu is skilled in navigating the nuances of the international automotive industry. The professional network he has maintained features prominent Chinese suppliers, and he knows how to make Chinese and North American business culture work for you.

Robert Diamond joined Voltux International Inc in 2018. Robert brings over 25 years of experience in the rotating electrical industry and with his guidance, we will be expanding the product offering. Robert has built a reputation in the industry for supplying products at competitive prices without sacrificing quality. Robert has a passion for the industry and excels at building smaller companies into major suppliers. For example, his work was instrumental in the growth of SWS Automotive Inc., Boston Auto Electric, and Arrowhead Electrical Products

Our Products:

We are always expanding our product range to suit your needs. Whether your vehicle is automotive or heavy duty, agricultural or industrial, ATV or marine, we carry high-quality parts to suit your needs. We are happy to announce that we now carry Regitar regulators and rectifiers, ZM and Accumax solenoids , and ZEN drives. Voltux International Inc. is also an authorized distributor of Valeo’s OEM alternators and starters, trusted for a wide range of uses in the automotive and industrial markets. We are working hard to expand our high- quality aftermarket goods in order to better serve you, our valued customers.